Thursday, July 22, 2010

How valuable is the life of a young black youth???

In the last few weeks, Englewood has been all over the news which is nothing new, but its some of these stories came to close to home. We all heard the story about the cop who was gundown with his own gun at 61st & Racine, this story receive huge media coverage. (Photo below)

I am not shock as this is a huge story however, I find it shocking that when a young black male is killed it may be a quick account then its on to the next newsworthy event.

Do we not value our youth's life to the point we treat their deaths as roadkill or are we desensitized to the point that its the norm?

Well I am starting to feel that way, after hearing about a 16 year old boy from my block was recently gun down. There was brief coverage then the story fell to the waste side like many of stories of youth shootings.

This was a sad case where one brother rob someone and the victim came back with the vengeance and didn't care who in the family he got...he was determine to kill someone. I found out later from the streets that the young male was robbed for only about $ this what a young black male life is valued at?

I typically use this blog to highlight feel good stories, but this was just too close to home to not talk about. RIP "Ant Ant" your life is highly valued to me and to your love ones you left behind...

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