Friday, August 27, 2010

Celebration of Peace & Life in Englewood!!

Wow, last week was such a fun-filled Saturday in Englewood!! There was plenty of cultural & peaceful events happening  however, we received no media coverage??? 

Now as soon as we rally, march & stomp after a violent crime occurs in Englewood, we can't keep the media away....but I guess the celebration of PEACE is not considered newsworthy...oh well it is to me, so I will report it!!

I started off the day at Hamilton Park Cultural at 513 W. 72nd Street at the Family Fun Fest.  This was a jam packed event that entailed a live tap dance performance from the South Chicago Hoofers Club a senior tap dance group...amazing right! Then it there was a dynamic drum dialogue drumming workshop with extraordinaire, Zahra Baker.  The day proceeded with community conversations around health, art, and more!

Then, I was able to host another Docs & Dialogue during the event.  We did a encore showing of the "must see" shockumentary: "A War For Your Soul." As I have proudly blogged about before, the “Docs & Dialogue” series is a grass root project created by myself and several other residents of the Englewood community.  See, people always forget that 30% of Englewood are working/middle class residents who are able to relate to all classes of people and many of us are the ones working together to make a greater impact in our community.

We was ready to TAKE ACTION because, many of the safe spaces in the community are closed on Saturday, so we decided to create this monthly series that showcase documentaries that entail some shock value. Each of the “shockumentaries” viewed at the past events focused on culture, hip hop, entertainment, community, history and then is followed up with a candid dialogue amongst the attendees.

The series was designed for the youth; however, the community as a whole as fully embraced this powerful project! I am loving every minute of it and is honored to that we are being asked to take Docs & Dialogue to other neighborhood!! What a feeling!!

Hats off to Cordell & Donte Payne, Keith Harris, Simone Yancy, Corrinn Cobb, Antoine & Samaiya Butler who have assisted in making this project such a success!! Stay tuned for So Fresh Saturday/Docs & Dialogue appreciation party soon!!

If you still think Englewood lacks culture well you are sadly mistaken!! Another great event last Saturday, was at Culture Connection located 400 W. 71st. Street (71st & Stewart, a few block west of the Dan Ryan), the only cultural retail store in Englewood. The store celebrated their 1 year anniversary. The vibe was chilled, great music, vendors and networking....What a great feeling to celebrate peace enjoy the whole day in my neighborhood!!

Last night I attended the last committee meeting for the Englewood Back to School Parade 50th Anniversary taking place tomorrow at 11am!! It was great to observe and listen to all the support and hardwork that goes in to make this a peaceful & fun community event! I am excited to assist with these efforts and network with others who are really serious about adding value to our community!! Stop by Odgen Park located at 64th & Racine if you can anytime from 10am-4pm!!

Watch the parade from 55th & Halsted until it ends in Ogden Park with a celebration!! Again, a celebration of peace & support for the students going back to school!! Oh how I love being a part of a united front to make a change in our communities...We have to be the GAME CHANGERS!!

Well until next time, TAKE ACTION to create the life you truly desire!!

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Is Summer Over for Englewood??

Well, the summer is quickly coming to an end and for most of the students here in Englewood summer ends this weekend! Over 20 schools in the Englewood community have been cast as Track E (All year round schools) and start Monday, August 9th.

This may be viewed as a good or bad thing...Bad because its more time these students are subjected to a flaw system...Good because this means less kids off the street...All in all there are a few great events and activities for kids in the neighborhood to do, but the issue is getting the word out to the blocks!

For example when I am promoting for Docs & Dialogue, I make sure I hit the streets! This is when the real dialogue happens and you hear the concerns and interests of the residents.

Speaking of which Docs & Dialogue was another cultural phenomenal held July 24 at Culture Connection! Culture Connection is a hidden cultural treasure here in Englewood that is a black owned business! I was in awe that the youth who attended Docs was expose to the art, poster, clothing that are all culturally bound!
Just another experience in Englewood that was enriched with culture and networking with socially conscious folks...I love it!!

In the last weeks, Englewood welcomed thousands of students to clean up the vacant lots for national service day.

July 30, 2010 (CHICAGO) (WLS) -- College students are teaming up with local leaders to help bring a positive change to Englewood.

The students, who are from all across the country, are taking part in a service program called "Lots of Change." They spent the day cleaning vacant lots. After they finished, students took part in a rally at Sherman Park.

Mayor Daley was also there to discuss efforts to attract residents, resolve community problems... And to also express his gratitude to the two-thousand volunteers.

"I just want to thank you for the inspiration. Now, it's up to this community to be inspired. They see you come in here, and you volunteer. And now it's up to all the residents in this community to keep this park clean," said Mayor Daley.

Friday was a service day for the volunteers who are part of the International Campus Ministry Conference.The event was a response to President Obama's national call to service.

In other news, Terina Crenshaw-Hodges founder of Stay Environmentally Focus'd recently held a Community Solution Forum which focus on combating violence collectively with other organizations. This is actually what is a need a collaborative forum with folks working collectively....

Way to go Terina, she also spearheaded the "New Heritage Station Community Garden" here for more info click the link or the preview the video:,0,5039767.story?track=rss-topicgallery

Here are a few more feel GOOD family fun events happening in Englewood during the month of August:

  • August 7th-9am-5pm-Unity Olympics at Ogden Park 65th & Racine
  • August 21st-10am-4pm-2nd Annual Family Fun Festival @Hamilton Park Cultural Center 513 W. 72nd St.
  • August 21st-2:30pm-4pm-Docs & Dialogue @Hamilton Park Cultural Center 513 W. 72nd St.
  • August 21st-6pm-Midnight-Customer Appreciation Party @Culture Connection 400 W. 71st (71st & Stewart)
  • August 28th-10am-3pm-Back to School Parade starting at 55th & Halsted ending at Ogden Park

Wow...what a fun filled summer and these are only a few of the events happening!! Stay tuned for more updates...As always TAKE ACTION to CREATE the life you truly desire!!