Monday, October 3, 2011

An Englewood Enterprise...What a Concept!!

Wow, I can't believe I let September slip away without posting an entry...I'm slipping! But honestly, after returning from Ghana it has taken me a while to adjust and I've been doing a lot of reflecting on all the work I've started within my community....

Being pull out for a few weeks from all the meetings, boards, councils, my job, etc....Really gave me the opportunity to renew my perspective and see things in a different light...Of course things were still waiting for me upon my return, but then it hit me! I am truly a LEADER!  I have taken on leadership roles in many of the activities I am involved in, so much so that my feedback, suggestions, and ideas are typically an intricate part of the work. So you probably definitely see that reflections are in order!

I also begin thinking about being in such high demand....Now, I have said a few months ago about building and managing an enterprise...It definitely felt that way once I got back into the swing of things. I don't want to stop at just being a entrepreneur of one business...I want to manage several businesses and projects...I want to operate as a true Enterprise & live my life knowing that there are limitless opportunities! So as I throw around this word Enterprise, wanted to share the definition from the dictionary.

Definition of Enterprise
1: a project or undertaking that is especially difficult, complicated, or risky
2: readiness to engage in daring or difficult action : initiative showed great enterprise in dealing with the crisis
3a: a unit of economic organization or activity; especially: a business organization
b: a systematic purposeful activity (agriculture is the main economic enterprise among these people)

I found the definition so on point with what I view some of the endeavors I am a part of...I am already engaging in daring and difficult action trying to force CHANGE in Englewood....This is a project that is definitely complicated...Which reminds me of the Norfolk Southern Railroad expansion....Basically, Norfolk has bought over 200 properties in Englewood for a intermodal rail yard and is now looking to buy out the other residents....Talk about complicated!! Link here to read more about this story...I will also update you more about this situation as time moves on...

Ok, back to Enterprise...I also have the desire to see a unit of economic organization/activity within my neighborhood...This is what I wish to create...A viable enterprise working for a GREATER Englewood...It is actually already here but needs to be arranged under one umbrella....
Speaking of umbrellas, Englewood Community Cultural Planning Council, (EC3) for short...Recently hosted such a peaceful and fun event at Hamilton Park...It was the Englewood Arts Festival with the theme, "What does Peace Look Like in Englewood?" It was a bright sunny day, with art, music, and even the Fresh Moves bus stop by and sold fresh produce to the attendees....

I was able to grab these beautiful Peace Umbrellas courtesy of Wentworth Elementary and display these wonderful umbrellas around the entrance of the beautiful Hamilton Park...It was truly a peaceful day fill with art, right in a disseminated area of Englewood. Hamilton Park is a work of art itself but it definitely needs to be utilize more by the residents of Englewood.

See the photos below courtesy of Toni J Photography
Photos Courtesy of Tonika "Toni" Johnson

Photos Courtesy of Tonika "Toni" Johnson

Photos Courtesy of Tonika "Toni" Johnson

Photos Courtesy of Tonika "Toni" Johnson

Photos Courtesy of Tonika "Toni" Johnson

Photos Courtesy of Tonika "Toni" Johnson

Photos Courtesy of Tonika "Toni" Johnson

There has also been some exciting news around education, since school started back Sept. 6th. Debates about longer school days, CPS administration changes and the Greater Englewood Community Action Council (CAC) presented our strategic plan to the entire Chief Executive Office of CPS...What a experience!

A room with 40 executives listening to the Englewood CAC leadership team goals for the schools in our neighborhood...That was a powerful feeling to articulate our needs, demands and plans to this group and to know after 10 months of long meetings, retreats and forums, we have a finished product that can help shape the educational foundation of Greater Englewood.  I know that this work is not in vain and the passion I have keeps me moving right along....

As long as I am involved in projects that are fulfilling, it will never get old.....I understand the concept of "burn out" but with the drive I have to see an enterprise develop that will help transform the blueprint of Englewood...I am ready for any challenge that comes my way, so please understand...I am just getting started! Want to keep up with me? Follow me on twitter at mrs_englewood or catch me on facebook!

Stay tuned & as always TAKE ACTION to CREATE the LIFE you truly desire!!