Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Superheroes in Englewood??

I know its been a few weeks since my last post but life has been moving so steadfast that the time to reflect is slim!! When I say moving, I mean things are moving faster than the speed of light, like some Superhero type movement!! I am even hearing from many of the community folks I interact with that my actions greatly resemble one of a superhero...Some would even venture to say I am the "Superwoman of Englewood." Wow, what a nice compliment!!

As flattering as this is to hear, it is making me question and reflect on what am I really doing? Well in order to truly explain it to myself, I needed to jot down all my community roles, projects, initiatives, commitments, etc. outside my day job at the Institute of Real Estate Management (IREM) for short.

After completing this assignment, needless to say...I think I must be using some SUPER POWERS to effectively manage these various roles and commitments? Then it made me think, am I doing an effective job? Am I doing too much? Or am I just merely tapping into my fullest potential to shape my life to be filled with all my interests and passions??

I know I can't change Englewood or the world for that matter, but if I can offer some insight, ideas, support, professionalism, or just merely share my gifts with the causes that relate to my ultimate goal I am content.

I know what you thinking…What is the Aysha’s ultimate goal?? Simply put I am an agent of change and PEACE activist….Please link below for a story about some of my goals with Docs & Dialogue.  The story was written by Englewood resident/Depaul Journalism student Rashanah Baldwin: http://www.rashanahbaldwin.com/pages/466

On another note, if we speak on a regular basis you should know my goals but if we don't here are few things I wish to accomplish before I leave this earth…
  • Continue to uplift residents and youth by creating and/or supporting projects, programs, events, that are designed to enhance the quality of life in my community. Hear more about this vision here: http://www.chicagostorytelling.tv/englewood/index.html
  • Change the negative perception by consistently shedding the light on the brighter side of Englewood with the use of mass communication, (tv, radio, blogs, etc.) 
  • Make Englewood feel like Brooklyn for myself and others, meaning we do not leave our "borough” for anything, our grocery stores, retail shops, nightlife are all within the area...
Anyway, I humbly take on the role as a "Super Hero" in my community and wish more people would do the same! We should all want to be our community superheroes!!  Just to recap my SUPER POWERS are being use in various organizations, projects, etc, here are a few of my current affiliations, roles & commitments:

  • Founder of grassroot project – “Docs & Dialogue”
  • 2010-2011 Vice President- Black Star Community PTA 
  • 2010-2011 Recording Secretary, LSC Robeson (Community Rep)
  • 2010-2011 Interim Co-Chair/Member, Community Action Council of CPS
  • 2010-2011 Member, Past Chair -Education Taskforce
  • Member of the Englewood Community Cultural Planning Council (ECCPC)
  • Member - Deborah Movement
  • Editorial Committee/Author - Englewood Portal
  • Advisory Board Member – Englewood Neighborhood Recovery Initiative

I know you are thinking....What a full plate and why is Mrs. Englewood doing so much? As I stated time and time again, I am only doing so MUCH because so many people are doing so LITTLE!!

Once thing is for certain I am nowhere near ready to stop!  I will steadily move FORWARD to move closer to my goals outlined above.  Superheroes do not GIVE UP we TEAM UP, so stay tuned for more superheroes to surface from Englewood!! Until next time...Up, Up, & Awaaaay!!