Saturday, January 4, 2014

Yep - R.A.G.E. is Still Here!! Check out the Year in Review!

As the President and Co-Founder of R.A.G.E., it is only right to repost our 2013 Year in Review! Check it out and stay tuned for bigger and better things in 2014!  Happy New Year!!

R.A.G.E Accomplishments for 2013
Civic Engagement
  • We hosted 6 successful village meetings throughout the Englewood community. We also brought in representatives from Whole Foods to address any concerns or questions from Englewood residents regarding the new development.
  • R.A.G.E. successfully hosted 4 Nights Out in the Park events at Lindblom, Ogden, Hamilton and Sherwood Park.  This edu-tainment series highlighted the talent in Englewood and also informed residents about issues that impact our neighborhood.  We are proud to say we were able to keep the spirit of the Back to School Parade alive with our finale at Ogden Park and distributed over 1000 fully packed book bags to students and families of Englewood!
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  • R.A.G.E mobilized community members to survey neighbors in order to collect information from 60 interested parties  who are interest in the Green Healthy Neighborhood Large Lot Program. A program that will allow residents to purchase city-owned lots for $1 on their blocks. This program is set to roll out in 2014. 
  • We organized several residents from the community to participate in the Mycelia Project a photovoice project documenting and speaking about the spaces in Englewood.
  • R.A.G.E. coordinated and led the 2nd Annual Englewood Unity community clean-up day where organizations, residents and youth participated in cleaning the 69th street corridors. Over 100 volunteers spent the day cleaning streets and vacant lots.
  • In collaboration with CivicLab, RAGE  hosted a comprehensive Tax Increment Financing (TIF) workshop examining the Englewood Neighborhood TIF and educating residents on the important of understanding how TIF districts operate in Englewood.
  • R.A.G.E. continue to serve as technical support for the residents of the Englewood Railway Coalition who are residents being displaced and in opposition to the aggressive land grabbing and abuse of eminent domain policy by Norfolk Southern and worked closely with Sustainable Englewood around environmental issues related to the expansion.
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  • R.A.G.E. took our newsletter - Englewood Call to the airwaves! We launched our first call-in weekly CANTV show and delivered relevant and positive news that impact residents in Englewood.
  • R.A.G.E. partnered with the Institute of Design of IIT and created several ways to engage community and capture their stories and perspectives, by way of chalk boards on sidewalks, books in barbershops, laundry mats, etc. We also hosted a Design to Engage Workshop with community residents and leaders.
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Education and Youth Development
  • Partnered with the Acts of Love Tour again and distributed over 1000 books to youth in Englewood as well as identified an Englewood resident to have a full stocked library built!!
  • Assisted the Englewood CAC in the organizing the 2nd Annual Englewood Education Empower Summit held at Team Englewood H.S. With our partnership with IIT Institute of Design we were able to capture  authentic responses from students, educators and parents from Englewood!
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  • Worked closely with the Lupe Fiasco Foundation and facilitated several organizing session for the youth of Project Orange Tree and incorporated this movement in Englewood.
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  • We consistently employed 3 youth interns to inform and engage residents about RAGE and Englewood news.1471916_739466779400370_721608100_n
  • R.A.G.E. was able to get up to 5 youth summer jobs this year in the field of coding, social media and community work.
  • R.A.G.E. President served as a the keynote speaker and members hosted several youth workshops at Northern Illinois University, students were bused in from Chicago and DeKalb, IL. 
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  • R.A.G.E. hosted several youth workshops in the City of Chicago that discussed youth identity, hip hop, violence and more.
  • R.A.G.E. recently partnered with Urban Prep to help the freshman class work on a community driven project that included the re-usage of vacant lots.
  • R.A.G.E. presented several times at Lindblom H.S. about the importance of Englewood history and culture.
Economic Development
  • R.A.G.E. members continue to serve in leadership roles of the Kusanya CafĂ© and the cafe finally opened for business in November 2013.
  • R.A.G.E. continue to highlight and support small businesses like Powell's Barbershop, Culture Connection, Deli King and hosted meetings at these spaces.
  • R.A.G.E. members are leading a newly formed steering committee that will serve as an oversight council for the Whole Foods Development and other development on 63rd & Halsted and beyond.
Earns Whole Foods
  • R.A.G.E. has been at the forefront of the school closings and was the first group to recommend how these schools can be repurpose to village hubs that will spark economic vitality.  This project is still moving forward into 2014.
This is just a snapshot of our accomplishments, we hope to do more in 2014 with your help....Please consider joining our association or simply donating today: