Saturday, April 30, 2011

Englewood 2020, Ghana, & More!

Yes another precious month has flown by and again so much has happened.  I really need to start writing/blogging a little more frequently again because each day that passes; there is so much GREATNESS to report.  

Let me start by saying that being involved in so many projects in Englewood, have been such a great learning experience!  I am really learning what my true purpose is in life and what I may need to let go in order to fully live out my purpose!  One thing is certain is my commitment to my community...To see it transform ad flourish to a lively neighborhood, maybe even a "destination" neighborhood like a Wicker Park or Hyde Park is a dream for me...Yes I dream big real big because I am learning that the universe will grant you what ever you place your focus upon...Speaking of which...Last year I wrote on my vision board how I would love to visit Africa before my birthday in 2011...Next thing I knew, I was talking to someone who I work closely with on the Englewood Community Cultural Planning Council, who goes quite frequently and was told about an upcoming trip to Ghana in July!  What did I do...TOOK ACTION TO MAKE MY VISION A REALITY!!  Now I will be trekking to Ghana this year and assisting with the development of a new Pre-K being built...What a humbling and JOYFUL journey ahead of me...Stay tuned for more details!
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Another vision that became a reality was Media-N-Motion (MNM), I literally thought this thought last year while planning the So Fresh Saturdays series.  I had no idea how this would happen or when it would be become a reality, but that's how the universe works...You fire off a few "rockets of desire" and watch those things come right into play...I may sound like a "law of attraction" promoter but I am seeing this law work with my own eyes...MNM is going strong with a great new group of young, smart and energetic people that truly brightens up my Wednesdays and Saturdays!!

Tonika Toni Johnson with Media-N-Motion Students

We did a field trip today to Columbia College and I just sat back and watch the magic unfold as the students wrote songs, made their own beats, and laugh with other young people from different walks of life....Here is a quick video of the students practicing some interviewing techniques...Too adorable! 

In that same vain, I have been busy as a bee with my beloved association, RAGE!! Outside of focusing on youth development and education we are also focused on the economic development of Greater Englewood....After the Real Talk with RAGE session, the work group that form was serious about breaking ground with new commercial space and finding ways to stimulate the Englewood economy and to create more jobs. 

Real Talk with RAGE 3.31.11

We all know this will not happen over night, so we are working on a Englewood 2020 plan...We are pulling existing plans off the shelf and looking over a few new ones...All in all we moving in the right direction to revitalized our neighborhood & looking for more like-minded indviduals to join the fun! Speaking of which, RAGE is hosting a Fish Fry, May 6th at the Caribbean Lounge, 958 W. 69th Street.  So if you interested in joining or just meeting the members of RAGE you are welcome to join us! I think I will end on that note & of course with the favorite saying...As always TAKE ACTION to CREATE the life you truly desire!!


Courtesy of CMAP 2040