Thursday, March 31, 2011

ReDefining, ReDistricting & ReDirecting!

The theme of this post speaks volumes to my recent activities this month. Hello April!  I think this blog is reaching a lot of individuals who are interested in learning more about my beloved neighborhood...Greater Englewood.  In the last month, I have been approached by students, reporters and of course residents seeking an authentic resource or an inside scoop on the opportunities that lie here.

Most would be bothered by this, however, I love it because I get to provide an enlightening perspective of my neighborhood with the hopes of REDEFINING the horrific image most people think of when they hear the name ENGLEWOOD.  This is my ultimate goal and personal mission....Which is what landed me in the trenches...From the PEACE Center on 64th & Peoria, to Hamilton Park off 72nd, West Englewood Library, just west off 63rd....I am a committed CHANGE AGENT, nice to meet you!  

From my viewpoint, my neighborhood is already being REDEFINED!! There is Art, Culture, Networking, Young Professionals, Organized Residents, Enriched History, Wisdom, Superb Location, Opportunity for Economic Development, Innovative Ideas, Emerging Leaders, etc. etc.....!

This is SOOOOOOOO media worthy and to shed light on the GREATNESS in the "Wood", is a story that HAS to be told over and over again! I appreciate the interest of ALL media outlets who want to hear my is somewhat unique, refreshing and is filled with this optimistic air of HOPE & OPPORTUNITIES! Of course, I found pleasure in CREATING my own media outlets like this Blog, the Englewood Portal and of course the youth media program Media-N-Motion!!!

As I reflect on this last month, I too am REDEFINING who I am or what I am destined to become....I have been recognized as a Parent Leader, Englewood Activist, Advocate for Quality Education, Blogger, Grassroot Organizer, coined the name "Mrs. Englewood", Greater Englewood Expert (GEE), Facilitator/Moderator, Trainer, Educator, Social Entrepreneur, Tech savvy & Social Media Guru and much much more....!

We are changing perceptions one story at a time...So again, thank you, Bulletin, Windy City Citizen, Pan-TV, Marc Sims, Englewood Youth Times, Sixth Ward Blog, Black Wall Street, CROE, WCIU, WVON, WBEZ and others for allowing another story to be told about Greater Englewood! Link here for a recent interview on First Business

Courtesy of WCIU, First Business

Speaking of media, interviews, etc., I am ever so excited to report that the 2nd Cycle of Media-N-Motion is in motion set to start April 6, 2011!   We are proud report that we are partnering with Columbia Community Arts Partnership!!

We are seeking youth ages 11-16 who are interested in being a journalist/news reporter.  This FREE program will be at West Englewood Library on Wednesdays from 5:30-7:30pm for the next 10 weeks!! This program serves as another vehicle of CHANGE! So spread the word to our young writers as we contribute to REDEFINING our neighborhood....LOVE IT!!  Working on this enjoyable project alongside of Toni J and Tesha Dickerson, has been even more rewarding, if you two read my blog know I love working with you! I look forward to us building an ENGLEWOOD ENTERPRISE together!   

Courtesy of Chicago Public Library

Ok now the not so sexy stuff, REDISTRICTING...So one of RAGE goals since its inception was to have a voice or input in this process....We did just that, at a public hearing with the Illinois Redistricting Committee. We prepared our map which outlined our boundaries of Greater Englewood and how we would prefer to be remapped as a neighborhood with only 2 House districts and 1 Senate. Our map is aligned with the boundaries outlined by the 7th District Police Station...

Courtesy of WBEZ, Illinois Redistricting Committee

Our next steps are reviewing the proposed maps by Legislative then following the trail down to the local levels with the wards...Ok, enough about redistricting, if you want to learn more join us for Real Talk with RAGE, Thursday, March 31st at Kelly Library 6151 S. Normal!! Just know, that RAGE are residents stepping up to assure our voice is heard!

With all this activity, I see it is also time for REDIRECTING!! I am REDIRECTING my energy, time, and expertise to programs/projects that are truly aligned with the betterment  of myself and of my community.  I refuse to move for just any project or issue...Honestly, it is far too many issues to even try to attack them all and if you haven't notice being strategic can save you a tremendous amount of time and energy...So yes I am REDIRECTING my focus on me, Making sure my physical, my spiritual, emotional, financial, and relationship are in tact...ALWAYS IN TACT...If any of these our not aligned properly, I will loose balance and the ability to do this work...You have to be BALANCED in this work...So, if you ever find yourself loosing balance just stop, breathe and REDIRECT your energy!!

I think that's all for now...I need to start my "work" day so I can finish it off with a learning session at "Real Talk with RAGE" today, 5:30pm at Kelly Library 6151 S. Normal Blvd.  Hope to see you there & as always TAKE ACTION to CREATE to the life you truly desire!!