Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Will the REAL Englewood residents please STAND UP!

Wow, these last two weeks was another whirlwind since my last post. I attended meeting after meeting and before I knew it was Saturday!  As stated in a previous post, I participated in the Peace Rally mentioned in my previous blog with fellow resident Rashanah Baldwin, a few Deborahs and although it was a great cause I felt like....What's next?

We had all these bikers, social clubs, and other groups who soon after the rally, dismantles and head home which I am sure is outside of Englewood. So is the purpose of these marches to show a strong presence to the community?

As we walk, we stop and talk to a few young men who stated the killing will never stop regardless of how many marches we do. I must admit, this was a bit dishearten, however, the individuals marching seem to be empowered and the community did appreciate seeing us unified.

Then on Monday the 13th, Governor Quinn held a anti-violence hearing to discuss the solutions to this violence problem. I was quite shocked to see the room nearly empty at the KKC auditorium...Do no one have solution to offer this commission that is working closely with the state?   "Now if this was a funding meeting that auditorium would have been packed", I exclaimed passionately to the commission and attendees!!

Its sadden me that we cannot come together as a community to combat this issue...One thing was certain, the voice of the Deborah Movement was heard LOUD & CLEAR! I recommended several solutions such as extending hours of the 300+ churches in Englewood until 10pm in order to serve as a safe community haven for our youth!

I also suggested that residents should volunteer for 1-2 hours at this safe havens to create an atmosphere of serving. We have to start viewing our community as a village/ecosystem where we function as one...I think a block by block plan that will mandate a duty day for each block is another simple yet sound solution. 

As the Green Regional Leader for National Block Club University (NBCU), I see firsthand that our communities could be safer if we serve on our own blocks first. We all LIVE ON A BLOCK, we just need to get to know and respect our NEIGHBORS, even the ones who are considered an outcast from society!! 

I think we can at least start in 60621 with the block by block plan then move forward to other zipcodes!! That's the way we function at NBCU....Will you serve for your block's duty day??  I am asking for the REAL RESIDENTS OF ENGLEWOOD TO STAND UP & SET AN EXAMPLE!!

Ok, let me calm down...On Wednesday I attended a productive Asset Based Community Development workshop. This meeting was for residents only and discussed how we can begin viewing our community and its residents as assets. So many people see the needs of Englewood and overlook the endless opportunities here...When I say Englewood can be the new Brooklyn, I mean we can function as a borough, where everything we want is within our community. Like Brooklyn, Englewood could be enriched with cultural events and gatherings. Like Brooklyn residents, we will rep it in all we do and be proud of where we live!

I am seeing this vision steadily becoming so clear...All we need to make this a reality is to have the REAL Englewood residents STAND UP, become engage and believe that Englewood encompasses culture, peace, and great number of gifted people throughout this community! We just need to STAND UP & BE SEEN!!

There is a lot happening here that is never reported, which is why I blog!  I will continue to spread the GOODNESS here...Speaking of which....

I am so proud to report that Docs & Dialogue is moving speed ahead for the Fall/Winter with our next event scheduled for October 2nd at P.E.A.C.E. Center from 2pm-4:30pm...The film/topic will talk about the Rise and Fall of the Black Woman...Is the attack on the Black Woman the root to the problems in our community??? I am certain that this topic is bound to spark some great dialogue...Register here!

Come out & support this grass root project lead & created by residents of Englewood!! Look like a few of us did STAND UP!!

Hope to see you there!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Season are Changing...Why aren't we???

So as the seasons changed literally in one weekend from Summer to the Fall Season, one of my favorites actually! However, I hate to report that the news coverage of violence did not change...

We are only in the 1st week of "regular" school and it has already been reported that a young student at Bowen was shot and killed.  This story really hit home as the father was someone my husband knew personally when he lived here in Englewood.

As stated in the tribune,"An Englewood native, Jackson, 45, said he has done volunteer work with the anti violence group CeaseFire Illinois and was involved with at least one other group geared toward helping youths."  He like myself was a advocate for PEACE and still could not avoid this devastating outcome.

It seems to me that more folks are really becoming fed up and finally ready to TAKE ACTION!  It seems like every time I look around there is an event taking place with the "Stop the Violence" theme...I just don't understand with so many campaigns, marches, rallies, why things are not changing similar to our seasons?? 

Well, I am no expert but I strongly feel whatever you focus your attention on becomes your reality.  Sadly, everyone seems fixated on the violence, which is only inviting to become your reality.


Case in point, in the midst of an area where people dare to drive through, there some senstational fun events happening in Englewood too! The Black Ensemble Theater is here at KKC from September 10th-26th....This is a perfect for the family, I am definitely trying to check this out! 

Also, as I envision Englewood become the "New Brooklyn of Chicago", on September 25th we will have "Hollywood in Englewood!!"

Imagine Englewood If...will host Englewood youth models while they "hit the runway" on Saturday, September 25, 2010, at the 3rd annual youth fundraiser of 'Imagine Englewood if . . .!'

The theme is "Hollywood in Englewood. . . Where Stars Walk," and the young models will showcase the designs of Chi-Vas White, Englewood native and creator of ONELLW Athletic Clothing. They will also receive certificates of recognition for their contribution to the event’s success. Come out and support our youth and Imagine Englewood If...

PLACE: True Vine Missionary Church (Lower Level)
ADDRESS: 6720 S. Stewart Ave., Chicago, IL 60621
TIME: 4:00 to 8:00 p.m.

There has been joy, peace, and love happening all over the community that is simply under reported!! Like today, September 12th there is a peace rally taking place at 3pm...I am heading out soon! If you read this today here is the link: Englewood Peace Rally

I have never been a big "rallier" if that's a word but I am always willing to connect with others who want to help save our communities! Speaking of folks ready to save our communities, the sisters of the Deborahs are always hard at work.  From press conferences, to in house visit to victims of violence, marches, etc., the Deborahs are an ACTION driven movement!  Tomorrow, September 13, 2010, the Deborahs we will be in support of one of our Deborah Stister who will testify for the Anti Violence Commission taking place at KKC 6301 S. Halsted from 4pm-9pm. 

This is a very important hearing because the goverment is calling on the community!  WE NEED TO STAND UP WHILE FOLKS ARE LISTENING!!!

“Violence is a community problem, and it needs a community solution,” Governor Quinn said. “The members of the Illinois Anti-Violence Commission will help us improve Illinois’ existing anti-violence programs and find new, workable solutions to save lives and rebuild neighborhoods.”

I know I am tired of talking about this problem and ready to work on some solutions!! Lets work collectively implementing some tangible solutions!!

Well that's all for now...I have a busy week ahead of me!