Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Kusanya Cafe, Hip Hop Sundays, TIF Districts & More!!

Hello again....Its Mrs. Englewood and I am back with some more GREAT stories to report! Wow, there are so many stories that I am at the point that I may have to recruit some more "Englewood Bloggers" to cover all the GREATNESS that lies within our neighborhood...Again, I ask, where are the news reporters when you need them?? Well, Timeout Chicago recently did a story on Englewood, titled, "Can Englewood Be Saved?"  This was a good article, but again there can be more coverage that highlights the GREATNESS here!! 

Is it me or do every expression of peace, culture and GREATNESS warrant a story, blog post, linked on Englewood portal, or in a local paper...For us to only hear about the shootings or violence is such a one-sided angle of the neighborhood...There is much more happening that folks refuse to report on, which makes other think we are living in a war zone...NOT!!

Courtesy of Chicago Breaking News
I can walk down the street now and see folks I have met or interacted with in some capacity and I love that!  Now I know that 2nd grader from Kershaw on Lowe, the officers from 7th District, those faithful gardeners who are determine to beautify the vacant lots, or the students from Media-N-Motion....Wow its finally starting to feel like a real neighborhood...Especially when you can say you know your neighbors on your own block and in the surrounding areas.  What a great feeling to be in the midst of ENGLEWOOD'S GREATNESS!!

Wentworth Elementary School 6950 S. Sangamon

I know you probably read this blog and think this chic is soooooo obsessed with her neighborhood and just too damn optimistic for me...Maybe so, but to be honest I am more obsessed in painting a new picture on this blank slate that lies within Greater Englewood...For example finding enriched ideas, programs, and/or cultures buried away in the pockets of Englewood, keeps me motivated to create and report about this new environment. Please believe there is much to be told and many of the small projects or intiatives I am mentioning will lead to a bigger picture...A thriving, revitalized community that was transform with residents at the forefront....

A smaller yet GRAND project is the Kusanya Cafe, tentatively slated to be born (open) in Englewood before the end of the year...I mentioned the Kusanya Cafe in a post last year when I attended the Spring Benefit...I am so excited to now be on the board and I am ready to kick things up a notch!!

As a newly appointed board member, I want to get the neighborhood excited about having a cafe opened in a community that only has a Dunkin Donuts as a cafe/meeting spot...This will soon change and with your support you can help keep it here! 

Link here to learn more or become a fan on the Kusanya Cafe Facebook Page!!  We are in the process of hosting a "Summer Benefit" so stay tuned for more info coming soon!! You may also view the video that outlines the vision of the Kusanya Cafe...Enjoy and get ready for the grand opening coming soon!
Potential Site for Kusanya Cafe - 69th & Green

So again, I am encouraged to meet people with these beautiful visions for the neighborhood...Another example that I had the opportunity to witness is "Hip Hop Sundays" at Canaan Community Church with Pastor Jay Brooks located at 1701 W. Garfield Blvd., right off 55th & Paulina in West Englewood.
Hip Hop Sunday at Canaan Community Church
This young and vibrant pastor who is a few years shy of 40 has the energy and vision for GREATNESS for the Englewood Community, alot like myself!  Check out this youtube snippet of the service on Sunday!
His fresh and innovative approach is exactly what we need in our neighborhood...Many of the residents complain about the 200+ churches in our area who has very little to do with the community so it was quite refreshing to hear that the pastor live in the community and is open 7 days a week for community programs! That is the model all the churches should follow...When you are able visits Canaan Community Church website to learn more about the vision and direction of the church! 
Hip Hop Sundays at Canaan Community Church

I know, I know...its just too much GREATNESS happening around Englewood....Right?!?  Speaking of which, RAGE is steadily progressing and just finished up our 1st Quarterly Meeting with all six alderman that serve the Greater Englewood area...The topic for this meeting was Englewood TIF districts and I must say the meeting was quite productive!! We learned how TIF funds can be use to help improve our neighborhoods, schools, and enhance economic development.  RAGE will continue to be at the forefront of the newly approved 67th & Wentworth TIF and will push for public participation for any of the existing TIFs in our area...There was a lot covered that informed residents on the ins and outs of TIF districts...Check out our website www.RAGEnglewood.org for more updates...
Courtesy of Hurley Green of Bulletin Newspaper

I think that's all for now...I hope you enjoyed this post and is also starting to see the TRUE GREATNESS of our NEIGHBORHOOD, which reminds me of one of my favorite quotes by Dr. Wayne Dyer.."If you change the way you look at things the things you look at CHANGE"....

Peace, Love & as always TAKE ACTION to CREATE the life you truly desire!!


Mrs. Englewood~

Courtesy of Hurley Green of Bulletin Newspaper