Thursday, May 20, 2010

Virtual communities vs. Real Life Communities

As I try to keep up with all these virtual communities such as facebook, twitter, and now this newly created blog, it appears when you are doing work in the real world its hard to keep up! So many things have happened since my last post and are continue to happen that I haven't had much time to post anything!

Well, to start Docs & Dialogue kick off event was fantastical if that's a word! We had over 70 attendees many which were ages 10-19 who viewed the doc Hip Hop Beyond Beats & Rhymes at the Perry Mansion Cultural Center. The space is gorgeous and I will soon post pics! The kids and adult were in awe with the film, dialogue, and spoken word artists, who were a group of teens from Team Englewood. Overall it was a success and another example of how Englewood could provide culture, art, and history in a safe space that residents & others can appreciate! We will be soon referred to as the Brooklyn of Chicago!! Where folks will proudly rep Englewood similar to the way so many rep BK!

On another note, the Deborah Movement is also pressing forward and expanding! We recently facilitated a leadership session at a elementary school, rallied for peace on Mother's Day, and took buses to Gary in support of the 5 year old boy killed by his parents. We had a productive meeting last night about bonded with sisters on the west side we will embrace them & share ideas how a westside chapter can be developed! Stay tune for future actions from the Deborah Movement!!

As I said earlier when you are doing REAL work in the communities virtual communities on hold! Luckily I have the opportunity to catch up, as I ride to Canada with my daughter and her classmates!!

I will post pics soon, to provide a better visual on these fulfilling experiences...