Friday, April 30, 2010


Docs & Dialogue Update
Wow, what an exciting week! I started off the week with a very productive planning meeting for the kick off event of Docs & Dialogue! Everything is flowing so smoothly, that I am certain the kick-off will be a So Fresh Saturday!!

We are working on booking the youth artist and leaders to perform and moderate the session, which we hope will inspire all the attendees. We will be at the beautiful Perry Mansion Cultural Center in Englewood viewing Hip Hop: Beyond Beats & Rhymes. Everyday, I see Englewood reshaping its image to a place of culture, art, peace, & opportunity.

Kusanya Cafe
I recently attended a coffee & cake benefit for a new cafe set to open in the fall of 2010 in Englewood on 69th & Halsted. Yes, 69th & Halsted...I am so glad I am not the only who see the unlimited potential of this community...It will be considered the Brooklyn of Chicago in due time. Click here to learn about the Kusanya Cafe

I received an email about the Deborah Movement from the Black Star Project on Monday. Basically, the Deborah Movement is modeled after the biblical Deborah the Prophetess (Judges 4:8-9), who was a woman honored for her wisdom, leadership and winning great battles for the Lord.

The Deborah Movement has surfaced current day as a response to the senseless killings, underfunded schools, lack of jobs, lack of aldermanic involvement and all around blighted communities. The only true way to revitalize a community as a whole is to involve every segment of the community. I was honored to be considered as a leader of such an empowering movement.

We met briefly yesterday to talk about the purpose then about 40 of us walked to the 35th & Michigan police station. It was a magical moment. I am truly looking forward to this movement becoming a national movement where we women are standing up to combat the senseless violence in the communities...This movement is will break barriers & become a model that others can follow...I am ready to take action & keep it moving, so stay tune for more...

Our Mission Statement:
"To activate, engage and enlighten the masses by practicing the daily living habits in order to improve the quality of life in our communities and our world, wherever we exist." The Deborah movement is the blueprint for what communities should look like, feel like, be like, behave like and MOVE like..."I will surely go with you!"

Here is the news coverage about the events yesterday:

I AM DEBORAH & I WILL PROTECT MY COMMUNITY..."Will you go with me? I will surely go with you..."

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