Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Docs & Dialogue / Robeson High School

I guess I thought that I can keep up with the blog and handle the 50 things I am currently juggling on my plate...WRONG!! I see the blog may have to be a weekly report or updated when I feel like expressing myself.

Docs & Dialogue a Success!

First thing first, the Docs & Dialogue pre-screening held Saturday at Hamilton Park was very well received by the attendees! We screen 4 docs and the audience provided very informative feedback that will assist the launch team in moving forward! SAVE THE DATE the kick-off is May 15th!!

My Experience as a Mentor at Robeson

I recently sign on to be a mentor at Robeson High School, because for 1 its my neighborhood H.S. and 2 it is in need of alot of help. So mentoring the students is one of many of my contribution to my community.

Well, I was assigned to 2 mentees after the first week of use choosing our mentees, 1 of my mentees were kicked out of Robeson in Feb. for not having enough credits. I tried to get a clear explanation to how Robeson is determining who goes or who stays...still not unclear how this process works. So I connected and bonded with my other mentee and we talk quit frequently. I attended our "village night" where all the mentors/mentee hang out for few hours and was told my other mentee was too kicked out due to low credits.

My question is how does a High School kicked out students when there is less than 2 months to go of school? These are seniors who are enrolled in night school, involved in a mentor program and just like that they are booted! They truly are treating our children like they have cell numbers with no consideration to their future. Its sad...however, I am running for LSC at Robeson and at Banneker so hopefully I will have some answers to my questions, soon!

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