Monday, April 12, 2010

ACT NOW Symposium

As we know, quality education is essential in our communities, however, what happens if your community do not have quality educational systems in place.

Then the students depend on quality after school programs that promote academics, team building skills, cultural experiences, etc. Well, ACT NOW is a campaign that is in support of SB 3543 and HB 1826. This bill is asking for the commitment from the State of Illinois, to create a system of after school programs that will enhance every young person's chance for success in life.

Right now only 30% of students have access to a after school programs and some of these are not even quality programs. Through this legislation these programs will now need to be held accountable and will be evaluated to determine its "measurable outcomes".

There are tons of agencies in Englewood doing after school programs but unfortunately this may only mean playing a few games until their parents pick them up...Our children need a little more in order to truly be successful throughout their adolescent and teens years.

Support this bill by sending your state rep a letter to implement this must needed bill, link here for ACT NOW resources:

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