Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Media-N-Motion & RAGE off to a GREAT start for 2011!!

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!  I am excited to say this year is off to a GRAND start!! So far, during this New Year and New Decade, I am proud to say that I have identified many others around me that are truly focused on the interest of our youth in the Greater Englewood Neighborhood.  As you know, my hands are in a lot of things throughout the community because I am hopeful that eventually there will be a perceptual shift of how folks view Englewood…

Tonika "Toni" Johnson at Media-N-Motion

Case in point, back in October I met two phenomenal residents (Tonika "Toni" Johnson & LaTesha Dickerson) that were interested in partnering to create a youth media program. After a few meetings, (2 to be exact), we developed a program, secure a space and launched Media-N-Motion on January 5th.  Check out this snippet from the session:

This is a free 8-week program for youth 12-17, who will serve as our new Englewood Youth Reporters. These children will tell stories that don't make the news & shed light on the positive stories in our neighborhood, similar to what I do with this blog but more! Our first session was really magical and what truly is amazing about this program is that it was completely developed by residents of Greater Englewood…Who says Englewood is not filled with GREATNESS!!  Stay tuned to be inspired by the progress of this fantastic program.

Tonika "Toni" Johnson with Media-N-Motion Students

Media-N-Motion Students Checking out the Englewood Portal

Another example, of how these perceptions will be shifted is demonstrated in R.A.G.E. which is the newly formed Resident Association of Greater Englewood.  This group is already up & running strong!

We have only had about 1-2 meetings and we are already planning to host 3 summits that will focus on the aldermanic candidates of all six wards in Greater Englewood….The residents in R.A.G.E. are action oriented and didn’t waste any time taking on the tasks!!

I knew these resident leaders existed in my neighborhood but many of us was so occupied with community meetings or sitting on councils/committees that led to NO ACTION...After supporting the vision/mission of so many agencies us residents never took the time to develop our own mission…Well, our time has come!  R.A.G.E is a powerful force to reckon with and will be the catalyst to help shift the perception of Greater Englewood!!

Our upcoming “Who’s Running Summit” is coming along nicely! The majority of the candidates of the 3rd, 6th, and 20th wards have confirmed attendance and now we are working on the Part II & Part III…After the summits we will develop other info sessions about TIF, redistricting and educational issues...Its time for a real CHANGE, so later for all these meetings that do not end with action items....ITS WAY TOO MUCH WORK TO BE DONE...WE NEED AN ACTION PLAN FOR OUR NEIGHBORHOOD & RAGE WILL DEVELOP IT!!

So if you are resident of Greater Englewood or know a resident who is interested in joining RAGE please email us at for a membership application.

Lastly, Docs & Dialogue ended in 2010 celebrating Kwanzaa at Thurgood Marshall Library!  Our first session for 2011 will be January 29th, at Orr High School on the West Side in partnership with Charlene Davis of  Wisdom Lives Here showcasing the must see film a War for your Soul! The So Fresh Saturday Team is really looking forward to bringing this grassroot project from Englewood to the West Side!!

Docs & Dialogue Kwanzaa Edition
I already know 2011 is gonna be a year filled with RAGE, EXCITEMENT & JOY!!! I am seeing first hand that I am able to TAKE ACTION to CREATE the life I truly desire...So, until next time, I hope you also TAKE ACTION to CREATE the life you truly desire, life is so much more fun when you live it that way...Again, Happy New Year!!

Who's Running Summit
Part 1- Wards 3,6, & 20
January 15th
6400 S. Stewart
Part II - Wards 15 &16
January 27th
7th District
1438 W. 63rd St.

Part III-17 Ward
February 12th
Englewood Mennonite Church
832 W. 68th Street

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